Tekgeeks HRS - Designed Specifically for Small Properties

Tekgeeks HRS (hotel reservation system) is an all in one, dynamic reservation management system (specifically designed and developed for B&B’s, inns, guesthouses and small hotels) that allows you to easily run the daily operations of your property, by fully automating and eliminating the time consuming, repetitive, boring front office tasks. It gives you an easy to manage reservation calendar with your own booking engine plus a back office booking manager to handle direct clients.

  •   One easy to view calendar page to manage your guests’ stay from reservation to checkout.
  •   Take commission free bookings, directly from your website 24/7
  •   Cloud based system with anywhere, anytime access
  •   Attract guests by connecting to WWW (world wide web)
  •   Full 2-way reservation delivery with payment gateway integrations
  •   Full integration with your reservation calendar, real time live rates and availability updates
  •   Convert more website traffic into confirmed, commission free bookings
  •   Rich media to show photos, banners, logos and hotel branding
  •   Location maps

Fast & Easy to Use

Managing your guests’ stay from reservation to check out and extras billing has never been so simple and it can all be done seamlessly from one easy to manage administration panel.

Cloud Based Application Access Anywhere, Anytime

Tekgeeks HRS (hotel reservation system) is a completely web based application. There is no need to download software or local installations in computers to be done. Tekgeeks HRS can be accessed anywhere via internet even from devices such as Smartphones and Tablets like an iPad and never be tied to your reception desk again.

Is Tekgeeks HRS is ideal for you?

If you currently manage your property with pen and paper, an excel spreadsheet, diary or any other manual system, Tekgeeks HRS is the perfect system to help make managing your reservations & billing easy. TekGeeks HRS automatically deliver your guests booking details information straight into your booking calendar so you never have to worry about missing any information or writing them down. Furthermore, TekGeeks HRS allows you to run extensive reports about your performance, reservation reports as well as dashboard showing how your bookings are in place.

TekGeeks SMJT-service maintenance job tracking

Tekgeeks SMJT (service maintenance job tracking) is a web based solution which can be easily hosted in the ‘cloud’ (you can login from anywhere via the internet) so that your entire service team can work real-time even from remote locations.

  •   Unlimited no of departments, Unlimited no of service teams and team members,
  •   Online & offline integrations with the existing invoicing systems,
  •   Easy to use invoice info search and warranty checks,
  •   Cloud based system with anywhere, anytime access 24/7
  •   Job Status Dashboards for ongoing, on hold & delayed jobss
  •   Automated status notification emails to work flow team members and clients
  •   Automated workflow based information processing,
  •   Client login web portal for real time status inquiries for clients (optional)

Fast & Easy to Use

Manage & supervise your service maintenance job from job creation, team allocation, engineer allocation and job completion/close. Workflow based process tacking will automatically update necessary team members of your operation statuses real time which will empower them to take the necessary action swiftly to keep your organizations after sales reputation on a high note.

Web based development platform, cloud deployment - work from Anywhere, Anytime

Tekgeeks SMJT is a completely web based application. There is no need to download software or local installations in computers to be done. When deployed in the ‘cloud’ Tekgeeks SMJT can be accessed anywhere via internet even from devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, your team will have the ease of working in your system even while they are on the field.

Why Tekgeeks SMJT ?
  •   Remove your paper based job tracking operation,
  •   Automate your service jobs through defined workflow operation with real time status notifications,
  •   Have access to you system/information 24/7 in remote networks,
  •   At a glance know what’s happening in your service department job queue,
  •   Add values to client supports services by sharing information with them through internet

TekGeeks Content Management Solutions - Easy web content management

TekGeeks Content Management System (CMS) is a simple and powerful set of control panels collaborated into a single point easy accessible portal which can empower an average computer operator in publishing, modifying and controlling your business website with ease. Our CMS will put you in control of your website/web portal and eliminate to necessity of contacting your web developer every time you need a change/modification of your web content.

  •   “WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get” type data entry interfaces,
  •   Open sourced tech based solution – no licensing costs in operation,
  •   100% Unicode supportive – express in your preferred language,
  •   Database stored data - one time entry single repository, enabling maximum content reuse and eliminate content duplication,
  •   Helps you to focus on your work with content instead of manually maintaining links and sources,
  •   Control through Style Sheets (CSS) – CMS will control & preserve the look and feel of the web pages while you change the content,
  •   Content is easily repurposed for publishing to multiple media formats like extranets, social media services, email newsletters and mobile sites,
  •   Store and organize graphics and multimedia files within the CMS and search for them when needed with ease,

Comprehensive user management – admin controlled user creation & role based user privilege management,